Affordable, attainable solar power

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    Reliable green energy for the price of today's fossil fuel ... with CEWA's innovative concentrating solar power technology, it's finally possible

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  • Affordable

    Capable of producing electricity or thermal energy, CEWA solar concentrators let you lock in today's energy rates for decades – with no need for government subsidies.

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  • Efficient

    Rated for 30 kW of thermal energy or 10 kW of electricity, CEWA dwarfs the output and efficiency of flat panel solar power systems. We welcome inquiries from distributors.

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  • Accessible

    CEWA's solar concentrators are assembled using common parts and fabrication techniques. We welcome inquiries from manufacturers.

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  • Innovation

    Both the dish design and dual-axis tracking system of CEWA Technologies use unique, patented technology.

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About CEWA Technologies

Affordable Solar Power: It’s a Reality

Imagine a solar concentrator capable of delivering 30 kW of thermal power, 10 kW of electricity or a combination of the two at a price competitive with fossil fuels – without government subsidies. Imagine CSP systems that are easy to install, simple to maintain, and fabricated from readily available materials. Imagine almost zero ongoing costs and energy prices locked in for decades. That’s CEWA Technologies.

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CEWA is Ready to Take Your Order

Concentrators Available For Order

Our concentrators – large (30 kW thermal/10 kW electric) and small (9.5 kW thermal, 3.3kW electric) – are available for commercial order. Capable of generating thermal energy, self-sufficient electricity or both, CEWA units are 78 percent optically efficient and have 28 percent electrical efficiency – compared to 12 percent for traditional PV panel systems – and are proven in both simple and complex applications. Commercial delivery has begun.

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