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Inexpensive, plentiful energy is the foundation of all modern economies. But as fossil fuel prices continue to fluctuate, growth is threatened. Concentrating solar power – inexhaustible, sustainable, accessible – is part of the solution. And CEWA Technologies is the company to make affordable, reliable CSP a reality.


CEWA point concentrators are highly efficient, inexpensive to install and maintain, and fabricated using common techniques. Click here to learn more.

Imagine a solar power (CSP) concentrator capable of delivering 30 kW of thermal power, 10 kW of electricity or a combination of the two at a price competitive with fossil fuels – even without government subsidies.

Imagine CSP systems that are easy to install, simple to maintain, and made from readily available materials using common fabrication processes.

Imagine almost zero ongoing costs and energy prices locked in for decades.

Imagine an essentially unlimited, scalable source of inexpensive energy suitable for the thermal and electrical energy needs of commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural facilities.

That’s CEWA Technologies.


Founded in April 2009, CEWA Technologies develops and markets CSP point concentrators that utilize solar technology in innovative ways to generate sustainable power at a price competitive with fossil fuels. Available NOW, CEWA’s CSP point concentrators utilize dual-axis solar tracking, polished aluminum reflective surfaces and unique unibody construction, offering best-in-breed efficiency with minimal ongoing operating and maintenance costs.

Click here to put CEWA’s concentrating solar power technology to work for you.

CEWA concentrating solar power technology is uniquely suited for self-sufficient power, heating, cooling and HVAC applications at commercial, institutional, industrial and agricultural sites. Purchase and installation costs are low because CEWA CSP point concentrators are manufactured using readily available materials and fabrication processes, and their scalability allows them to accommodate power needs up to 100 MW.


CEWA point concentrators are highly efficient, inexpensive to install and maintain, and are fabricated using common techniques. Click here to learn more.

CEWA Technologies is actively seeking distributors.

An alumni company of the world-class Ben Franklin TechVentures incubator, CEWA is far more than the typical startup. Our leadership team possesses vast expertise in the energy industry, backed by advanced degrees and decades of experience at organizations like AT&T, Lucent, Bell Labs, the U.S. Navy, electric utilities and Lehigh University.

With commercial demonstration projects in place and a growing network of distributors and manufacturers, CEWA is a recognized leader in the field of affordable, attainable solar power. Click here to view our formal call for distributors.

CEWA Technologies: Affordable, attainable solar power. Contact us to learn more.