Affordable, attainable solar power

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CEWA Technologies is actively seeking distributors to sell, install and maintain our accessible, affordable concentrating solar power (CSP) units.

CEWA’s point concentrators provide renewable, green energy at a price that is competitive with fossil fuels – even without government subsidies. CEWA products are highly efficient, inexpensive to operate and maintain, and utilize readily available materials and common fabrication processes.

CEWA CSP dishes require dramatically less space than flat-panel solar systems to generate the same amount of energy. This, along with their affordability, makes them the ideal solution for the heat and power needs of commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural sites.

Why distribute CEWA concentrators?

CEWA Technologies has a number of unique characteristics making it the ideal sustainable energy product.

  • Currently available for commercial orders, our CSP point concentrator dishes are affordable, require relatively little space and dwarf the efficiency of flat panel systems.
  • Both our dish design and dual-axis tracking system use unique, patented technology.
  • Our leadership team possesses vast expertise in the energy industry, backed by advanced degrees and decades of experience at organizations like AT&T, Lucent, Bell Labs, the U.S. Navy, electric utilities and Lehigh University.
  • We are an alumni company of the world-class Ben Franklin TechVentures business incubator.

CEWA Technologies is actively seeking distributors to sell, install and maintain our advanced, patented CSP technology. Use the form at right to learn more and obtain detailed information.