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For Distributors

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CEWA Technologies is actively seeking distributor partners for our concentrating solar power (CSP) units, which are commercially available now.

CEWA point concentrators  are capable of providing 30 kW of thermal energy or 10 kW of electricity at prices competitive with today’s fossil fuels – without government subsidies. With predictable and low maintenance costs, and robust, proven construction, CEWA concentrators allow commercial, institutional, industrial and agricultural clients to inexpensively meet their energy needs for decades to come.

Why partner with CEWA?

  • Because CEWA concentrators are scalable to meet energy needs up to 100 MW, they are ideal for lucrative commercial, institutional, industrial and agricultural accounts. We do not currently compete in the small-scale residential market.
  • Our CSP technology allows users to generate energy far more efficiently than with flat-panel solar systems – 78 percent overall efficiency and 28 percent electrical efficiency vs. 12 percent efficiency for traditional flat panel photovoltaic.
  • Commercial demonstration projects are in place and commercial production and shipping has begun.
  • CEWA point concentrators are manufactured using readily available materials and common fabrication techniques, keeping end-user costs as low as possible.

CEWA Technologies welcomes inquiries from established distributors. Use the form at right to obtain detailed information.