Affordable, attainable solar power

For Manufacturers

Summit Large and Small Units - 2016 03 09

CEWA Technologies is actively seeking qualified manufacturers to produce our point concentrators.

CEWA concentrators harness the cutting edge of concentrating solar power (CSP) and solar tracking technology to efficiently and affordably produce sustainable thermal energy and electricity. Our current products are ideally suited to meet the power, hot water, HVAC and process heating needs of industrial, institutional, commercial and agricultural clients.

Why become a CEWA manufacturer partner?

  • CEWA Technologies’ point concentrators¬†are manufactured using readily available materials and common techniques. Nearly all reasonably equipped fabrication facilities already have the the capacity to produce our products.
  • Because we outsource all large-scale production tasks, we are committed to our manufacturing partners for the long term.
  • Commercial demonstration projects are in place and commercial production and shipping has begun.

CEWA Technologies welcomes inquiries from qualified manufacturers. Use the form at right to obtain detailed information.