How It Works

Simply Put – Our Technology Concentrates The Sun Into Usable Thermal Energy

Thermal Solar Concentrator Power Arrays At Work For You

The CEWA Solar Concentrators continuously track the sun from sunrise to sunset using a patented dual-axis tracking system.  This tracking system, combined with new Receiver technology and Dish design, allow the concentrators to yield maximum solar energy throughout the day.  Due to the concentration provided by the Dish and the tracking system that keeps the Dish consistently focused along the solar pathway, CEWA Solar Concentrators will yield superior results regardless of season, terrain, or latitude.

Intellectual Property

Both the dish design and the dual axis tracking system of CEWA Technologies use unique, patented technology. These patents have been issued in the United States and in Countries all around the Globe.


US Patent 8,466,400 B2 – Calibration System for Solar Collector Installation

US Patent 8,680,391 B2 – Solar Concentrator Configuration with Improved Manufacturability and Efficiency


PCT/US2012/021255 – Fiber-Based Transmission System for Solar Energy and Method of Providing and Using the Same